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  • Lea Margaret

It's about time

Six years ago, I was driving over to Greenwood to help a friend in her gift shop. I had no clue that as I dressed for the day, that the little 60-mile drive would forever change my life. The day was dusty and sunny. You could sense that fall was coming, but the summer sun was lingering on as it does in the Mississippi Delta. As combine twirled in the soybean fields around Itta Bena, the idea can to me. The idea to promote the Mississippi soybean farmer with soy candles that are as natural and beautiful as the the Delta dirt from where they come. So, when a Southern woman gets an idea you get out of the way and let her go to work. Jump forward a few years and we are thinking about the journey that we have been on. We get tickled knowing that Sweet Tea brings a group of Hollywood actors back to contect with their Southern roots, we are honored knowing that our Christmas scents graced the halls of Congress and joyful knowing that customers all around the globe have enjoyed the southern goodness that we create every day. Whether it's the American soldier stationed in Afganastan or the executive on Wall Street, all of us at SoDelta delight in sending a little piece of our world around the world.

We are so excited to present our new online store to you. I know what you are all saying, "it's about time!" I hope that you will sit back on your front porch with a glass of ice tea or mint julep and enjoy shopping. If you ever have any questions, comments or stories that you would like to share with us, please do! We love to hear the tales about where SoDelta ends up. Check the blog often. I will be sharing family stories and recipes and tall tales of life in the most Southern place on earth, the Mississippi Delta.



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