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8oz square mason jar with a pewter lid.

1927 – Lemon Verbena
Blues -- Bamboo and Verbena
Bourbon - A beautiful blend of whiskey with touches of vanilla and coconut
Bridge Club – Hazelnut Coffee
Cotton Row – Crisp Clean Cotton
Christmas Company – Simmering Mullin Spice
Delta – Our signature fragrance. The smell of juicy red currants.
Delta Christmas – Just like Christmas
Grace – Lemongrass and sage
Huntin’ Camp – A rich teakwood
Juke Joint – Juniper
Mississippi – Sweet Magnolia
Mistletoe -- Sweet Fir
Nativity – Frankincense and blackberry
Pomegranate – Sweet and juicy
Sweet Tea – Sit down and have a glass


Bonfire -- A Summer Night down by TheRiver

Sugah -- Sugar Sweet

Y'all -- Strawberry, Orange, Pineapple


Square Mason Jar

  • 8 oz

    Burn time 40-60 hours

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